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Persian is the official language of the Persian Empire, one of the oldest languages in the world, and is now the official language of Iran and Tajikistan. Modern Persian borrows a large number of words from Arabic, accounting for about 40% of its own vocabulary, and Persian is written in Arabic letters. However, four letters were added to Arabic to facilitate pronunciation and spelling. In the long-term development process, Persian has accumulated a large number of scientific, philosophical, literary and religious documents, and is still one of the most important languages in the Middle East.

Advantages of Persian translation

Interpre translation has rich experience in Persian translation and can provide translation and interpretation services.

Interpre Translation offers specialized Persian website localization services that let our partners explore new markets and overcome the barriers to effective communication with their current and prospective clients.We have the ability to create a text based on any topic and transform it into a well written Persian text of any length. Whether it be long or short, our team has the ability to create high quality texts to help your business image. Because of our modern company structure we are able to offer a very high valued translation for a very fair price! Our translation agency is very competitive and will beat any fair from any other professional translation companies. At your request, we will provide examples of our work for any topic to you. No matter when your deadline, our team will strive to meet your needs in a quick and productive manner.




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