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Dutch is the official language of Holland and Suriname, and also one of the official languages of Belgium. It belongs to the Indo European Germanic West Germanic branch. Users are mainly distributed in the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Due to its geographical proximity to Britain and Germany, Dutch is deeply influenced by English and German. Modern Dutch is between English and German and is closer to English than any other language. The Dutch alphabet is the same as English, but the three letters Q, X and y are used only in loanwords. Because the Dutch are very good at navigation and keen on maritime trade in history, many languages in the world have traces of Dutch.

Advantages of Dutch translation

Interpre Translation has rich experience in Dutch translation and can provide translation services such as document translation, interpretation and interpretation in Dutch.

Classification of Dutch translation content:

1. Dutch notary translation:

Translation of Dutch passport, translation of Dutch visa, translation of Dutch driver's license, translation of Dutch household register, translation of Dutch diploma, translation of Dutch degree certificate, translation of Dutch diploma, translation of Dutch application materials, translation of Dutch curriculum vitae

2. Dutch business:

Dutch foreign trade translation, Dutch financial translation, Dutch legal translation, Dutch contract translation, Dutch tender translation, Dutch patent translation, Dutch it translation, Dutch energy translation, Dutch chemical translation, Dutch aviation translation, Dutch automobile translation, Dutch ship translation, Dutch website translation.

3. Spoken Dutch:

Dutch tourism translation, Dutch accompanying interpretation, Dutch exhibition interpretation, Dutch conference interpretation, Dutch consecutive interpretation, Dutch simultaneous interpretation.




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