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German language is spoken by about 105 million people and is deemed the official language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Every tenth book published in the world is written in German, every tenth request on the Internet is made in German.

There is a legend, that German almost became the official language of the USA. In the year, 1775, when a vote was taken at a meeting of the Continental Congress of Philadelphia on the choice of language, the German language lost to English by only 1 vote.

Another fact that became widespread in the network - the first printed book of Europe was allegedly published in German. Actually, the book was in Latvian and was published in 1455. But after only 11 years - in 1466 - the book was printed in German - it was the Mentelina Bible.

There are over 25 dialects of the German language, all of them very different from each other, sometimes the inhabitants of the polar regions of the country can not understand each other. Germans love to put together long words - the longest word is 87 letters.

Specialists at translation Services USA know everything about German, translate any original format from German into English and vice versa, and deserve your trust measured by the level of professionalism and quality of your work.

Advantages of German translation

In the era of globalization, you'll certainly want to consider localizing your website to the German language. This is the most cost-effective investment you can make to expand your business, and we make it possible. Our translation process is flawless and hassle-free. We offer professional translation services for the English-to-German, German-to-English, German-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-German language pairs. Moreover, we can translate German to and from any other world language.

Interpre Translation offers specialized German website localization services that let our partners explore new markets and overcome the barriers to effective communication with their current and prospective clients.We have the ability to create a text based on any topic and transform it into a well written german text of any length. Whether it be long or short, our team has the ability to create high quality texts to help your business image. Because of our modern company structure we are able to offer a very high valued translation for a very fair price! Our translation agency is very competitive and will beat any fair from any other professional translation companies. At your request, we will provide examples of our work for any topic to you. No matter when your deadline, our team will strive to meet your needs in a quick and productive manner.

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