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Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world. "Hebrew" means "coming across the river". It belongs to a branch of the Semitic language family of the Semitic language family. There are no vowels, only 22 consonants. Its characters are written from right to left. Many Hebrew literary works and documents are written in Hebrew. The main documents are preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls and a large number of Jewish and Christian codes and documents. Hebrew belongs to the Semitic language family of Asian African language family (or Semitic language family of Semitic language family), which is the religious language of Judaism. For the past 2500 years, "Hebrew" has been mainly used in the study of the Bible and related religions. Ancient Hebrew is the ceremonial language of Samaritans. Since the 20th century, especially since the restoration of Israel, "Hebrew" as spoken language has been revived among the Jews, gradually replacing Hebrew, Jewish Spanish and Yiddish (or "Yiddish", the international communication language used by the Jews). After the founding of Israel, Hebrew became the official language 1In 2004, the population was about 5.1 million. Another official language is Hebrew. The modern Hebrew language after the resurrection is mainly used by Jews, scholars studying Judaism and Israel, archaeologists and linguists focusing on the Middle East and its civilization, and theologians in Christian Seminary.

Advantages of company's Hebrew translation

Our Hebrew translation teams are professional linguists who have studied and achieved qualifications in translating from other languages into Hebrew, for a wide range of documents in various industries.

1. Notarized translation in Hebrew:

Translation of Hebrew passport, translation of Hebrew visa, translation of Hebrew driver's license, translation of Hebrew household register, translation of Hebrew diploma, translation of Hebrew degree certificate, translation of Hebrew diploma, translation of Hebrew application materials, translation of Hebrew resume

2. Hebrew business:

Hebrew foreign trade translation, Hebrew financial translation, Hebrew legal translation, Hebrew contract translation, Hebrew tender translation, Hebrew patent translation, Hebrew it translation, Hebrew energy translation, Hebrew chemical translation, Hebrew aviation translation, Hebrew automobile translation, Hebrew ship translation, Hebrew website translation.

3. Spoken Hebrew:

Hebrew tourism translation, Hebrew accompanying interpretation, Hebrew exhibition interpretation, Hebrew conference interpretation, Hebrew consecutive interpretation, Hebrew simultaneous interpretation.




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