Financial translation Services

Interpre specializes in providing high quality professional financial translation services for banks, investment companies, consulting firms and other financial institutions. Our Shanghai translation agency meets the needs of local businesses and global corporations alike.

Finance translations are essential for a successful insertion in the global market. At Interpre Translations, we realize how important it is to keep your financial documents secure, accurate and of the highest quality right through the translation process.

Advantages of corporate finance translation

Interpre Translation financial translation services have been designed to deliver the most linguistic and technical accurate translations.

The main types of documents we translate:

Corporate financial documentation

Financial statements

Annual and quarterly reports

Annual information forms and information circulars

Management reports on fund performance

Brochures and newsletters


Press releases


Tax reports

Balance sheets

Bank statements

Insurance policies

Takeover bids


Economic analyses

Training materials

HR documentation

Financial software

Standard-setting activities digests

Administrative procedures manuals

Governance documents for corporate directors

Interpretation case in law and finance field:

PRESENT Interpreter in the United States and overseas (Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Naples, Caracas, Venezuela, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil): Duties include interpreting in federal court, depositions, conference interpreting, technical and non-technical translations, transcriptions and translation of tapes for DEA, United States Customs Service, ATF, etc., Interpreting for Pre-Sentence Investigations for the United States Probation Office, etc. Work performed in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Senior Quality Control Supervisor of the Translation / Interpretation / Transcription Division; duties included interpreting in federal court, grand juries, conferences, tape transcriptions and certifications for DEA, United States Customs, ATF, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Internal Revenue Service, etc., written translations, interpretation for private companies, immigration, United States Probation, and the United States Attorney's Office. Work into English, Spanish and Portuguese. Supervision and correction of work done by ten other full time employees and approximately ten freelancers



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