Legal translation

We work closely with law firms and insurance companies. Accurate translation of legal documents such as(Civil and criminal court documents; asylum and immigration application papers, personal statements; licenses and certificates, Lease, purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, business correspondences, reports and presentations; articles of association and financial statements; memoranda of understandings, letters of intent; bank statements, business registration documents; survey questionnaires and responses) depend on comprehensive knowledge of the legal terminology.

Customized Legal Document Translation

One of our expert legal translators will be handpicked for your project based on experience and native language abilities. Equipped with translation memories, specialized legal dictionaries and other aids; your translator will work as part of your team to produce the accurate translation of legal documents you require. All legal translations are done by our legal professionals and documents will be valid for legal purposes in the USA, Europe and other countries. They are trusted by more than 2,300+ happy customers since 2003 and over 66.5 million words translated for the world’s leading companies



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