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what is a good translation process

Our process:
translation is a highly concentrated mental work. In order to provide better translation services, please read the following carefully before commissioning services, so as to improve our work efficiency.

1. Initial communication
Please contact us via Propose service intention to the company. We will first understand the language, content, type, purpose, time, submission form and other relevant information of your needs, and make a preliminary judgment on your needs, so as to give you the best implementation plan.

2. Appointment and contract signing
The company will evaluate and review the text content, count words, estimate time, calculate price, and provide you with reasonable quotation in the shortest time. We also need to fully communicate with you to make the understanding of project requirements or business content consistent from the beginning. For interpretation, the sales staff will provide you with quotation according to the language, type, background, project process and time requirements, and reserve interpreters after communicating with the project department. For each project, the project manager is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the project. After reaching an agreement with you, both parties will sign the contract.

3. Payment, project analysis
Translation department, so that translators can understand the background and purpose before translation (if you have reference materials, vocabulary, etc., please provide them before ordering, so that we can control the quality of translation more accurately). In order to ensure the quality of translation, we will set up a translation team to unify professional vocabulary, determine language style and translation format, etc. The typesetting department will carry out the pre and post typesetting work according to the type of the original manuscript.

4. Translation
Our work is all done by manual translation. It is strictly prohibited to use computer automatic translation. Translators have more than 5 years of translation experience and have been engaged in relevant professional translation for a long time. In the process of translation, we will communicate with customers at any time, and monitor the quality and progress of translation at any time, so as to solve problems in time. The interpreter / trainer will complete the preparatory work according to each work content, and arrive at the post in advance according to the specified time to carry out relevant work.

5. Proofreading and auditing
All the translated documents are proofread word for word and sentence by word, checked and edited by text and profession. This process will eliminate mistranslation, omission, spelling, typing and grammatical errors, ensure the appropriateness and consistency of words, and minimize errors. After the above two proofreading, the translation work has been completed.

6. Post production
Aviation, a complex and strategic human activity, refers to the flight (navigation) of aircraft in the earth's atmosphere (airspace).

The English word for aviation comes from the Latin bird (Avia) or air (aero).

Aircraft engaged in flight activities, also known as aircraft, are divided into two categories: lighter than air aircraft and heavier than air aircraft. The former, such as balloons and airships, uses aerostatic buoyancy to lift off, while the latter, such as airplanes and helicopters, takes advantage of aerodynamics

7. Submission and feedback
We will submit the draft according to your request, and at the same time the customer will pay the balance (or no balance). After delivery, the sales department will communicate with you in time, understand the feedback information, and maintain long-term communication with you.



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