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How to choose a good translation company?

The competition in the translation market is becoming more and more fierce. How to polish our eyes and choose a reliable translation company with high quality and quantity has become a headache for us. Let's follow Intel spring to see how to identify regular translation companies.

1: Time of incorporation:

The number of years of incorporation of a company is directly proportional to the service provided by the translation service company and the translation quality. If there is no strong service strength, the survival period of any translation company will not be too long. Only when a translation company has been established for a certain period of time (generally 5 years), it will accumulate enough translation experience and translator resources to ensure the quality of translation projects or materials. Whether there are formal translation software and large database is also a good method to distinguish small workshop translation companies and regular translation companies

2: Qualifications of the translator and the quality of the translation company
The more qualified the translation company is, the more kinds of translation they can provide, and the service quality is also excellent. Because only with real hard power, can we get more translation qualifications given by the state. Nowadays, in order to reduce the labor cost, most translators adopt the part-time cooperation mode, and the number of full-time translators is the most fundamental embodiment of the strength of the translation company. The more full-time translators, the higher the quality of translation

3: Customer case
Through customer cases, we can learn: the industry field of translation companies, and we can also know the professional degree of translation companies from the scale and quantity of cooperative customers, because large-scale customers generally have strict requirements on translation quality and qualification of translation companies.

4: Service process and team of translation company
The formal translation company should have the following operation team, and have a systematic operation process.

1. Sales team: responsible for the sales of translation services and promotion of the company's translation products.

2. Project team: the project manager selects the most suitable translation service personnel according to the requirements of the professional field, language and translation type of the project.

3. Proofreading team: the proofreading team proofread the translated manuscripts in terms of vocabulary, typos, spelling and punctuation to ensure that there are no omissions and mistranslations.

4. After sales team: in the process of service use, the customer puts forward the requirements for supplement or modification, and the after-sales service team will inform the project manager of the modification requirements and supplementary requirements, and the project manager will arrange relevant personnel to provide relevant services to customers.

5: Business links

1. Quotation: it is self-evident if you make a direct oral offer and you are vague about the details of the offer. The quotation of regular company is determined according to the content of translation, the difficulty of content and the time of submission. After fully understanding the needs of customers and the manuscript, the quotation with detailed name will be given.

2. Contract and confidentiality: after the cooperation is reached, the regular company will issue a standard contract with legal effect and sign corresponding confidentiality agreement at the request of customers.

3. Invoice: regular companies will issue corresponding invoices.



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