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The monopoly of notarial translation needs to be ended

Time: December 3, 2017 04:59:23

Speaking of notarial translation, many customers have many questions.
What is notarial translation?
Notarial translation usually refers to translators with professional translation qualifications who are recognized by the local government and have the conditions to translate official documents such as certificates. Of course, different countries have different definitions of the accreditation.
What kinds of documents need notarization and translation?
There are four types of documents that need notarization and translation in China

1. Foreign civil notarization: education background, degree, achievement, no criminal punishment, marital status, birth.

2. Domestic civil notarization: entrustment, will, right of inheritance, declaration and guarantee.

3. Notarization of Foreign Economy: articles of association, power of attorney of legal person and tax payment certificate.

4. Notarization of domestic economy: lottery, bidding, auction, evidence preservation.

Why do we need professional notarization translation?

This is because different countries have different requirements for notarial translation. Here are some examples:


In Canada, the translation qualification recognized by the government is certified translator. To be a member of the provincial council, you need to pass the translation certificate. With the qualification of certified translation, the translator's translation document must be attached with declaration, signature and seal to be a standard certified translation document.


Notarial translators need to be recognized by the German district court before they have the translation qualification. Although there are differences according to the region, in most cases, translators need to pass the examination to obtain notarized translation qualification.


In Indonesia, notarial translators in Jakarta need to pass the professional translation examination organized by the school of language and cultural sciences of the University of Indonesia, and obtain the certification of the government of Jakarta after passing the examination. Other regions need to be selected at different levels to be qualified.

What is the cost of notarization translation?

There is a standard for notarial translation fees, not arbitrary fees. Especially now that the price is open and transparent, there is no monopoly situation of shangwai translation in the past. The major translation companies show their magic power. We are looking forward to a more free market.



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