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Don’t waste your energy searching around: find professional services for all your translation needs in the energy industry at Interpre! Translating energy sector texts requires knowledge of a whole range of disciplines. From power plants to the processing of energy resources, energy producers need translation services in every phase of the supply chain, including communications and distribution.

Why does the energy sector matter?

On the global stage, the energy sector is taking on an ever-growing significance. A more detailed look into the concept of energy is needed to better grasp its importance. There are basically following forms of energy in the world.







Sound Wave

Everything we see in the world is a result of some form of energy and human beings can only continue to evolve as long as they can transform and make good use of this energy. In other words, energy means a developing economy, industry, prosperity, and progress. No wonder then that since the 19th century energy has been one of the world’s most important trade issues and a large source of global power.

Advantages of energy translation

The world’s energy resources are effectively divided into two categories; renewable and non-renewable resources. There are also two main types of energy classified depending on the way they are used; namely, primary energy sources that can be used directly, and secondary energy sources that are derived from the transformation of primary sources.

The energy sector focuses on many different stages of production, distribution, and sales in both these categories. Each sub-field of the energy sector is considered a significant translation domain when we look at the current and increasingly higher number of investments and advances being made. In this respect, the translation of energy texts is gaining importance along with the increasing needs of the sector.

Essentially, this domain is a sub-domain of technical translation. Energy texts have their own specific terminology, which tends to be rather objective and leaves no room for interpretation, and a background in engineering is therefore required.



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