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The beginning of the 21st century is marked with the rapid growth and development of information technologies. The use of modern IT-solutions in the production industry has led to a noticeable increase of its efficiency and overstepped geographic boundaries. At present time information technologies permeate almost into every aspect of human life from business and education to leisure and rest. Personal computers, cell phones, fax machines and the Internet have not only become an integral part of the technical development but also play a significant role in our everyday activities, allowing countries separated by language and distance to share information and to communicate with each other. No business companies can ignore the necessity of translation of its information resources into a variety of languages.

Advantages of corporate IT translation

We provide professional translation and localization services in the following areas: Internet technologies, telecommunications, software, graphics, e-business, networking and system administration, etc. Our team of qualified specialists includes project managers, professional translators, editors, programmers and web designers and is able to satisfy any requirements. To prove our proficiency we cooperate only with competent language experts who have a wealth of experience in the field of information technologies and telecommunications or have undergone trainings in IT translation. Once translated, all documentation is passed to highly trained editors and proof-readers for a detailed comparison of the source and the target IT documents to ensure that the final version will be completely accurate and consistent. Whatever the size and complexity of your project, we can offer attractive prices and provide professional software localization services for your business.

We are able to guarantee top quality IT translations in the most prevalent languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Polish, Russian, and Swedish and are willing to take into consideration all your requirements.



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