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If you are tendering for global contracts you need a professional translation agency who understands the nuances not just of language but of international business to ensure your tender stands the best chance of success. You need to be confident that your translation service partner appreciates the importance of accurate, timely delivery and the highest standards of quality assurance in the industry.

Interpre is a leading provider of tender translation services for famous global firms with our blend of experienced, Chinese native professionals, and project managersthat makes us the ideal partner for even the most complex and specialist tender translation needs.

Advantages of company bidding document translation

Our professional tender translation team provides accurate translations with meticulous attention to detail.All of our tender translations are provided by expert linguists with the in-depth experience of tender translations to assure the accuracy of your projects. We translate a wide range of tender documentation and material every day.

The Challenges of Tender Translation

Tender Terminology

One of the greatest challenges lies in the difficulty of translating tender terminology into precise corresponding words. The translator must know the technical conventions of the related subject and use the correct jargon.

Number Matters

In contract documents, numbers matter greatly, however the standard numbering system in the United States is different from that used in Japan and China.

Mistakes can be costly

Errors in tender texts can result in damage to property or financial loss.

Heavy Workload & Time Constraints

Most of the time, tender documents are subjected to time constraints and tight deadlines.

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