English is known to be a difficult language. To American native speakers, English seems relatively easy; however, to non-English speakers, English is notoriously tricky. There are unusual aspects of the language, which cause significant difficulties for translators and non-native English speakers. English translation is known to be one of the most difficult translations when needing consistency.

Some characteristics of the English language make translation difficult - both American and British English. One of these aspects includes the verb-adverb combination (unique to English). This is shown by combinations such as "turn on," "turn off," "mark up," or "mark down." Other languages use single specific verbs instead of the English verb-adverb combinations.

Another reason English translation is difficult is because of the use of articles. Although almost all Western European languages use articles, many other languages do not. The Slavic languages do not use articles at all, which causes great difficulties when translating English to a Slavic language. All of these issues create challenges for translators.

Advantages of company English translation

Some of the languages we translate along English on a daily basis: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

Interpre Translation company is well versed in solving the difficulties that come with English translation. At The Translation Company, we are accustomed to the different verb and article problems that arise within English translation. The production of any translation is a difficult task in itself, especially if one is attempting to produce a translation with pinpoint accuracy. There are times when a word-for-word match literal version of the original is virtually impossible. Professional translators know how to render culturally relevant meaning when there is no exact match for a word.

All varieties provided:

American English into Other Languages

Other Languages into American English

British English into Other Languages

Other Languages into British English

Being bilingual is not enough to perform as a translator. A professional English translator will have dozens of years of experience in translation services. At The Translation Company we employ only certified translators who have passed our tests and proved to be capable of delivering high quality English translations.

Our clients come back to us with their translation projects time and time again because they know that we provide accurate translations and can work within their allotted timeframe.




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