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How to build up bilingual or multilingual websites

Time: December 3, 2017 05:01:56

An excellent website building system also needs to be internationalized. It must strongly support English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, German, French and other languages. The latest version of the website building system supports PC, mobile phone, micro station, and multi language website construction. The usage method is as follows:

1. Login system background left system settings - language settings.

2. After opening the language settings, you can add or modify or delete languages.

3. As shown in the figure below, the system must have a language set as the default language, that is, which language is displayed by default when the browser opens it. We need to set the website name in each language. The data dictionary is set separately for each language when some modules of the system cannot modify the text or prompt. For example, the successful registration of a member will prompt "successful registration". The English version of course should use "reg success" in English.

4. After adding languages, we can create a new page for each language in column management. After entering the editing, we can set up a set of categories, and switch pages to edit the design.

5. Add user switch link, add language switch module anywhere on the page.

Isn't it very simple? Yes, it's so simple to be multilingual. If you think it's good, let's start



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