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What do translation companies usually do?

translation company is a kind of enterprise or industry which is engaged in commercial translation business activities and provides translation services for customers. Its main forms are limited liability company and joint stock limited company. So, what do translation companies usually do?

Work content of translation company

1. Translate the daily English information of the company's customers, sort out and archive the relevant Chinese and English materials.

2. Translate all kinds of means of production into Chinese and foreign languages, and assist other departments to complete the translation work.

3. Processing of application approval and visa change for short-term visit to foreign experts. Foreign experts in our company during the guidance of communication and translation, life management, airport pick-up and other work.

4. Communicate with foreign clients, communicate with senior managers and translate with foreign clients, follow up orders from foreign customers.

5. Overseas experts come to China to translate the training contents for the staff guidance and the meeting affairs of the company's various meetings, make records and file them.

6. Supervise and urge the staff to popularize English learning.

7. Print, copy, distribute, register and file all kinds of documents, and manage seals and office supplies.

8. Receiving and sending, registration, circulation, urging, reply, filing and other work of the superior and external messages.

Translation company provides: language localization, website localization, software localization, audio-visual localization, translation language services.

Translation languages include: English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Mongolian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Greek, Swedish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Thai, Arabic, Poland, Indonesian, Hebrew, Malay, Burmese, Finnish, Danish, Urdu, Lao Lao, Norwegian, Hungarian, Czech, Nepalese, Welsh, Icelandic, Croatian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Albanian, Latin, Belarusian, Serb, Baltic, Belarusian, Mangala, Berber, bojepur, Bihar, bisrama, Bantu, etc Zulu, Caucasian, Brittany, Buryat, Catalan, Serb, Valencian, Slovak, Croatian, Slovenian, etc. There are also some minority languages, such as Tibetan, Xinjiang, Kazak and so on.



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