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Time: 10:48:20, March 18, 2020

By March 18, 2020, our company has successfully completed the translation of more than 10000 documents about masks, ventilators, blood oxygen analyzers and other products,and 120 telephone video interpretation, involving English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, etc., specializing in Pharmacy (API, preparation),10000 pages of non clinical and clinical (Clinical Research Report, Clinical Research Report)
 Our company has focused on medical translation for more than 15 years.We have rich experience in medical and aesthetic field.  We have accumulated a large number of medical and aesthetic special memory (TM) and terminology database (TB). In addition, our company's new drug application translation team are familiar with therequirements of the application materials. Therefore, although the time is very tight, we delivered the project on time though in mid August 2019, and was highly affirmed and praised by customers.

It is difficult to translate medical device patent documents, which involves many fields such as devices, surgery and patents, which challenges the comprehensive ability of translation companies. Since the establishment of our company in 2004, the medical device translation team has translated dozens of new medical device products every year, and they are also very familiar with surgical products, such as surgical endoscopy for Olympus, and device products for Johnson & Johnson, etc. In addition, our company has rich experience in patent document translation, and has many full-time translators in the direction of drug and device patent. And after years of accumulation, our company has a large number of equipment document memory database, terminology database and so on. Therefore, although the project is difficult, our company completed the project translation work on schedule with the cooperation of professional team, and was highly recognized by Johnson & Johnson company.

The successful completion of this project highlights the strong comprehensive translation ability of Intel in medical devices, patents and other fields.



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