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Why does Interpre always win the favor of the capital

Time: January 19, 2020 17:28:48

Since its establishment in 2009, Shanghai interpre has obtained three rounds of financing, all from well-known institutions and entrepreneurs. In addition to its own excellent professional skills, it also stands out from the rest of the world in translation companies. It is unusual to take an unusual road and has been hard for 10 years. It has been highly praised by customers. The mode of Internet plus service industry has also attracted many investors and Longwen The most fortunate thing is that Mr. Yang's unique sharp vision and accurate market prediction have integrated excellent entrepreneurs and all the shining points of entrepreneurs. All our employees and partners of inteprin can realize that the best investors are not in the financial circle, but in those entrepreneurs who conscientiously make the enterprise from 0 to 100.
Our translation footprint is all over the world, no matter where, as long as a phone call, translation will come to you as soon as possible.



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